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Babel Key can bring your video to life in whatever part of the world it is being watched.

We offer a first-rate service, many years of experience, and affordable prices.
Each project we take on is handled in a highly professional and personable way, which is what makes Babel Key a highly trustworthy company to use.

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The Babel Key voice-over packages can provide a service for any project genre, for example:

  • Films & documentaries
  • Plays
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Company web content
  • Online learning platforms
  • Online tutorials etc.

Voice-over service details

Unlike subtitling and dubbing, voice-over is a form of audio presentation that is not a part of the original visual or audio content.

Therefore, this means that a voice-over recording normally requires greater attention to detail during its production process. This involves:

Perfect style

ensuring that the presentation style used for the voice-over is consistent with the way the original video is presented, in terms of intonation, rhythm and vocal tone;

Native speaker

selecting a suitable native speaker with voice-over recording experience. In addition to this, we always take care to choose a voice that matches that of your original video, breathes new life into it, and makes it stand out in the appropriate way for a foreign language audience;


reproducing, through vocal expression and words, the original message that the filmmaker wanted to convey;


maintaining the highest professional standards for recording purposes, in order that the final audio track is of the best possible quality.

ensuring that the recorded message, created through the voice-over production, is fully understood by the viewers of the respective geographical target region;

Babel Key: your long-term solution

Selecting the best voice-over solution for your needs is our job.   If you bring your project to us, we will work as hard as we can to offer you the best possible solution.  To be precise, we will fully take care of your project and we will make it a success!

We are committed, dedicated and professional.  Voice-over services are an area in which we have an unrivalled expertise.  At Babel Key we have dealt with projects in all of the above-listed voice recording genres, and we have worked to develop this expertise over time.

Therefore, we have the knowledge to select the best possible voice for a good quality audio recording, from finding the correct match for the original to adding technical changes and modifications to the background and sound effects.  In addition to this, we take into account that your project requires a perfect linguistic reinterpretation, into the respective language, for a specific target audiences.

Our process of selecting the right voice for your video requires special care, which needs to be well supervised by a project manager, and then adapted for the specific requirements you have requested from us.