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With Babel Key, you unlock the power of good translations that bring meaning to new audiences, new communities (foreign language-speaking communities). If you choose this Key, it’ll be a real and clear meaning transfer from video scripts in original language to subtitles in target language.

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Here’s the process in detail:


Video Transcription

First, we proceed to video transcription. This is a crucial step in translating video scripts. So, we pay high attention to video transcription, as it needs to be accurate, to the point of a flawless written record.

We have experts for this service, and they are trained to video transcriptions regardless of the communication area they are dealing with. They are native speakers of the original language, so there’s no impediment in providing the best quality transcripts. Babel Key makes it as natural as breathing to provide video transcriptions that set the project off to a good start.

For the hearing-impaired, our transcriptionists give all non verbal cues that are needed to create good captions.


Subtitle and Caption Editing

The next step is related to editing transcripts. They are edited in our subtitling and captioning platform.

The platform has options such as:

  • Synchronizing video and text, for better understanding of the transmitted message
  • Setting the timing, so the subtitles (captions) appear at the right moment on screen
  • Adjusting the duration of the subtitles being displayed on screen
  • Adjusting the speed of replacing subtitles for a video sequence with a next set of subtitles for the following video sequence.

This editing step is very important for optimal readability. That’s why our specialists deal with it carefully, professionally, bringing their experience into making subtitles editing at a high quality level.


Subtitle Production

Then, it comes to effectively translate the transcript and edited text. It might be any linguistic combination of source and target language. We have resources for executing translations from more than 50 source languages, into about any target language or dialect.

The subtitles will accurately render the original meaning in the source language:

  • No meaning change and no improper use of terms, so there’s a translation that brings the initial meaning safe into the target language (even if rephrasing is needed)
  • No spelling mistakes that bother people while watching videos, so the subtitles are neat and clean, a pleasure to follow them as they accompany the dialogue
  • No weird characters, so legibility is at optimal standards and people quickly understand the plot


For the hearing-impaired, we included production of closed captioning into the process.

Formatting text is of utmost importance in this case, so we take the time and attention to optimally format the text:

  • Give text a certain color
  • Set text to specific dimensions
  • Place the text to be visible and easily accessible for the audience
  • Give all needed visual cues for good understanding of the video plot.

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