About Babel Key

Babel Key’s founding company, Hieroglifs
Translations, was established in Latvia in 2005, and 2008 is when our story begins.


The company’s headquarters were originally based in Latvia, where our team began offering its translation services to Western Europe. Over the last fourteen years, our business success has proven to us that we really do rank among the best in our field. This is why our company has now expanded, taking on international projects in Europe, North America and Asia.


Today, Babel Key has a team of localization specialists working with content across 150 languages. We also collaborate with native speakers of these languages who have the necessary skills for localizing the content of the multimedia we work with.

About Babel Key: your new partner in multimedia localization

Working with these collaborators means that we can deliver you natural sounding content, which communicates the complete message, (i.e. its meaning and format), effectively and accurately in the target language. Our team are experts in project coordination, dealing also with subtitling, dubbing or voice-over projects, and provide a top quality service and a professionalism that is unmatched.

We will deliver your content within your required deadline. During this time we are always on hand should you have any questions or concerns about this, or if you require an update on the progress of your project: a high degree of commitment and collaboration is part our job.

We will talk you through all the stages necessary for the completion of your project, down to every little detail. Then, in order to accurately localize your project, we will ask you for all the necessary parts of this. As we begin work on with this, it won’t be long before you will see the difference using our service makes: Babel Key services are the solution that you need!


Gianluca Falco

Gianluca Falco is the company’s director, and one of the three founding partners of Hieroglifs International. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, where he studied Czech and English, focussing his degree studies on Eastern European history.

At the age of 18, Gianluca began his career as a journalist, which was his first passion. He has now developed this vocation into his current role as press correspondent for the Italian agency, ANSA (one of the largest news agencies in Europe), as well as for various newspapers, and radio and television channels throughout Italy.

His love for foreign languages and cultures eventually led him into the world of translation. Consequently, in 2008, along with two of his colleagues from Latvia, he started up the company Hieroglifs International.

Gianluca manages the financial and commercial aspects of the company, devising and consolidating its various working strategies. One of these strategies led to the creation of its sub-brand, Babel Key.

Gianluca is passionate about basketball, the sea (in the summers he can be found around the Greek islands), music (playing guitar), and literature.

Andra Drochioiu

Andra graduated from the Faculty of law, within the Police Academy, at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Bucharest, and has been working at Hieroglifs Translations since 2014.

She is involved with the company’s client and supplier relationship management. On the administrative side, she is involved in the finalising, development and renewal of contracts and agreements, as well as the company’s financial and accounting matters, (such as issuing and recording tax invoices and tracking their due dates). She also deals with the project management of certified and legalized translations, transcriptions, Braille transcriptions, subtitling and interpreting, while also overseeing the foreign language courses.

In addition, Andra provides support to the sales managers, who deal with market prospecting, (which identifies and attracts new customers, and works to retain existing customers), and supports the marketing director in promoting the company’s services.

Andra loves cats, the sea, Jim Morrison, Henry de Montherlant and Michel Houellebecq, as well as taking bicycle trips away from the city.


Sworn Translator and Interpreter into English.

Felicia was the last arrival into our family. Since joining us she has fully integrated into the team spirit here at Hieroglyfs. She is well qualified, having graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, specializing in English language and literature, and qualifying in 2005.

Her main skill is carrying out written, simple, certified and legalized translations. She also works on subtitles and transcriptions.

She loves reading, and her favourite authors are Marc Levy, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck. She also likes travelling, and would like to visit Hawaii, Thailand, Japan and Turkey in the future..

One of her many hobbies is listening to opera. She likes Aida, Don Giovanni, Queen of Spades. Another love for Felicia is going to the theatre, having recently enjoyed “Micul infern”.

Gabriela Tudor

Gabriela has been working in our team since 2011. She graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and loves anything that requires organisation and planning.

Her passion for tennis and Romanian tennis players, in particular Simona Halep, is so great that she plans her summer holidays aroud the grand slam tournaments such as the French Open and Wimbledon.

Her other hobbies include documentaries and hiking trails.

Her work within the company involves:

  • Evaluating client requests and preparing offers;
  • Putting the respective translation teams together for each proiect;
  • Monitoring the development of the projects;
  • Verifying translated documents and delivering them to the correct clients.