Accurate subtitling, dubbing & voice-over.
Localized. Compelling. And on time.


Babel Key offers integrated solutions in the field of subtitles / voice over / dubbing, covering a wide range of languages. Our customers, companies, TV stations, audio-video producers or individuals thus solve their needs quickly and precisely.

  • We work with more than 150 languages
  • Accuracy of text localization
  • Expressions simi-lar to the native ones
  • We customize the solutions
  • Voice Over

    Babel Key makes videos come alive in any part of the world they are watched. We bring together years of experience and quality of service, as well as competitive pricing.

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    With Babel Key, you unlock the power of good translations that bring meaning to new audiences, new communities. If you choose this Key

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    Audio dubbing

    Babel Key is the key to professional video dubbing services: we treat every project responsibly, so that the localization of the videos is perfect.

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    Babel Key Sync with the World

    With the support of Babel Key your video presentations can conquer the world. Your charming offering, and all the skill behind it, will be understood by a global audience.

    Multimedia localization is more than simply making linguistic modifications. It is the art of maintaining an identical message through use of a different language in a way that the same meaning, way of expressing this, and context is adapted for another culture.

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    What does using Babel Key mean?

    Choosing Babel Key will give you the means to spread your message on a global scale, even as far as the furthest geographical regions, or wherever you want your video to make its impression.

    Because we respect the cultural aspects and contexts requiring localization, in addition to the accuracy of an error-free translation, using Babel is a great choice for synchronizing your content with the rest of the world: the key to global understanding.

    It is the way a video message is transposed that will make it sound natural and will determine how your foreign speaking audience deciphers its meaning.

    Find the right solution for your project needs through Babel Key
    Offering Localization services in 150 languages is not just part of an impressive-looking plan, it is the central core of our skill set, which also includes:
    • ensuring localisation accuracy;
    • transforming messages into different cultural contexts;
    • devising phraseology that reflects the source meaning.

    In essence, we are a winning team. In fact, we are the very team you will need to turn your project into an international success.

    As you require more than just good a quality localization of your content, we are fully proficient in providing:.
    • professional management of each project;
    • delivery of final content within each project’s specified time deadline;
    • continuous monitoring at each stage of the project’s development and quality standards;
    • strong customer support;
    • modified and customized solutions, based on the specifics and requirements for each project;
    • careful management of multimedia localization projects, in many market segments.